Mini Militia Mod APK: Nothing is Better than enjoying your Boring and Free time Playing an Awesome game. And Playing Mini Militia is Obviously a Great Idea. This is an amazing game in which you can really Make your Boring time Interesting and Joyful. But what if Your Enemy Kills you every time whenever you want to Add some Crisp to the Game?

Mini Militia Mod APK is the solution for this Problem of your Game Play. Mini Militia Mod with Unlimited Ammo and Nitro will let you Survive for a Long-time so you can Kill all Your Enemies without Knocked out. Here in this post, You will get Modded Version of Mini Militia Mod APK with Unlimited Ammo and Nitro which ensures your Unlimited Health and you will be able to Kill your enemies and Can Survive till the End.

Ammo and Nitro are used to heal your health and Increase the Power of Your Weapons so you can Attack your Enemy with double Power. So You must have known that what you can do with Unlimited Ammo and Nitro. This will increase the Standard of your Game Play and you’ll win every time. Download the APK file read the Installation Guide of APK and Enjoy Mini Militia Mod APK Unlimited Gameplay with Unlimited Ammo and Nitro.

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What is Mini Militia?

Mini Militia is an Online Multi-Player Combat game by You can Enjoy Mini Militia with your friends and taste the Real Action Combat of this awesome action game. All you need to do is Join the Game Online with your Friends and Wash off your Enemies with your Great Gaming Experience.

You can Join with your 6 Friends and all will Definitely have fun while Game Play. Playing such an Amazing game with your friends is the best Feeling Ever. I usually Play this Game with Three of my Friends who are really a Great Mini Militia Player.

Mini Militia has the Double Stick Control Feature with Jetpack Flights so you can Experience the Speed and the Adventure of Shooting your enemies with your Double Control Sticks. Double Stick control is Pretty Enough to Double your Productivity and Power in the Game session.

Do you know the most Interesting part of this game? It has more than 20 Maps to explore for your Gaming and combating Skill. You should try them all and also share with us, which map do you liked the most. There are also many Futuristic and Latest Weapons to wash off all your Enemies without much Hustle. That modern Weapons are all set to glorify your Game Play with Super Smooth and Great Speed of Weapons.

Mod NameMini Militia Mod APK
Updated19 May 2020
App Size54 MB
Required AndroidAndroid v5.1 and up
Content RatingRated for 12+ (Moderate Violence)
Mini Militia Mod APK

What is Mini Militia Mod APK?

Mini Militia Mod APK is Modded or Modified Version of the Original Mini Militia App. Mod apk of Mini Militia has so many Great Features that you won’t get in the Original Version of this App. You will get many Modded Features like Unlimited Ammo and Unlimited Nitro to boost your gaming performance.

Engineers usually Modify Apps to add new Features or Crack the Premium Features of the Application. Mostly Unlocking the Pro or Premium Features are the Reason for Modifying any Original Apps. Modification of any Original App helps User enjoy any Premium Feature for Free or any new Feature which is not Official at all.

Mini Militia Mod APK consist of many Custom codes which will let you enjoy the Premium Features unlocked or Unlimited Health hack and Weapons Unlocked. You can Enjoy Many Premium Weapons for Free and can enjoy Ad-free Gaming Experience by Downloading Mini Militia Mod APK.

As you have noticed Before that you need to watch ads to unlock any specific Features of the App. BUT in this Mini Militia Mod APK, you will get all the Premium Features Unlocked and you don’t need to see annoying Ads to Unlock them. Endless Fun. Enjoy Unlimited.

It’s Really Difficult to find a Gun with Unlimited Ammo in Real Life as well as any Original Game. But in this mod, you’ll get Endless Magazine which you can use to washing off your Enemies. Mini Militia is All about Combating over your Enemies.

Mini Militia Mod APK Features.

In this Modification, you won’t notice any changes in User Interface or Appearance. But Features are completely Changed and Modded to Unlock all the Essentials of Mod apk. The Features have been Modded for Mini Militia Mod APK Unlimited Ammo and Nitro.

Here I’ll be Listing all the Modded Features of Mini Militia Mod APK:

  • Unlimited Ammo: You will get Unlimited Ammo to Fire unlimited Bullets to Combat your Enemy. It will help you never get out of stock for Bullets as this Mod have Features of Unlimited Ammo.
  • 5x Health Regeneration: In this Mini Militia Mod APK, You will be able to Recover your self 5 times faster than your Enemy. Now if you get some Bullets over yourself you can revive your self 5 times Faster.
  • Mega Killer Mod: Well, this is the most Interesting Feature you can get with this Modded Version of Mini Militia APK. You can Destroy all your enemies at once.
  • Transparent Mod: Now, with this Mini Militia Mod APK, no enemy can hide from You. You can now see all the Enemies Hidden behind the Bushes or any Other Structures. You are awesome with this version of Mini Militia Mod APK.
  • Powerful Melee Attack: Melee Attack is now 10 times more powerful than ever Before. You can use Melee Attack Feature to Combat your Enemy.
  • Reduced Respawn time: now you can appear Faster after being Killed. this game is all yours Respawn in Shorter Interval of Time.
  • Free Battle Points: Now you can Buy Boost Regen, Golden Eagle, Rifle Clip Extender, Handgun Clip Extender, Health Regen, and Tec-9 gun for absolutely free with paying a single Penny with Free Battle Points. No need to watch Ad Videos. No need to Pay for Premium Tools.
  • Free Pro Players Pack Trail: You can now, with this mini militia mod apk, can access all the Pro Player Packs with your Device Resources.
  • Always on health bar status: Now Check the Health of each and Every Player with this Mod Features.
  • Multi-Player Mode: You Can Play Online with your Friends and Create a Team to Combat your Enemy. You can Connect with 6 Friends at the same time. Enjoying any Action games with our Friends are Best Feelings Ever. So enjoy Cracked version of Mini militia with your Friends.
  • More than 20 Maps: You will have access to more than 20 amazing Maps.
  • Futuristic weapons: Weapons are way too powerful now that is enough for your Enemy to get down and you also have the Mega Killer Mod which can be used to Kill all your Enemies with a Single shot.

So you might have known yet that by using this Mini militia mod application, Game is all yours and no one can defeat you in Mini militia now.

Download and Install Mini Militia Mod Apk

To download the Mini Militia Mod Apk you need to follow the steps below carefully. You might already have known these Steps but still I don’t want you to make any mistake while Installing this Mini Militia Mod APK. So, follow these steps to Install Mini Militia Mod Apk and Enjoy the Game with Unlimited Ammo and MegaPack.

  • Step 1: If you have any Existing Version of Mini Militia, First of all you need to Uninstall the Existing Application.
  • Step 2: Download the Mini Militia mod apk file by clicking on the download button given Below this Guide. The link will redirect you to the download page of the Mini Militia Mod application. There you will get the latest Available version.
  • Step 3: For some Security Reasons Android devices don’t allow you to install any app from sources other than Play Store and that’s why you will need to allow installation from Unknown Sources. To Enable that, Just go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy and Turn Unknown Sources on.
  • Step 4: Final Step, Go to the file location and click on it. After a few minutes, your app will be installed successfully. Open Mini Militia and Don’t Update.

After Installing the Apk file, You are now ready to enjoy all Modded Features for Free without Any Payment. You will be able to Enjoy Seamless Gaming without annoying ads and also you can Buy whatever you want to Defeat your Enemy and Win the Game. Cheers!

Download Mini Militia Mod Apk

Click here to download the APK of Mini Militia Mod:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have some Questions in Mind Regarding Mini Militia Mod Apk. So Let’s head over to it and cover some Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Militia Mod Application. If you still didn’t get the answer to your Question, Comment Below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out with all your Doubts.

What is Mini Militia Mod App?

Mini Militia Mod app is a Modified version of Original Mini Militia with some Premium Features for Free. With this Mod Apk, you’ll get Unlimited Ammo and many more Paid Features for Free.

Is Mini Militia Paid or Free?

You can Download Mini Militia from Play Store for Free but you’ll have to Pay for some extra Features like Health and premium Weapons. But if you download the Mini Militia from the link Given in this Post, You will Get all that Premium Features for Free.

Is Mini Militia Mod Apk safe to Install in your Phone?

Yes, this Mini Militia Mod Apk is completely safe to use in your Android Smartphone with Android Version 5.0.1 or above.


In this Post, we have Seen the Details and Features of Mini Militia Mod Apk. This Mod Apk can be used to Play Mini Militia Mod Apk with Unlimited Ammo and Nitro. This is fully Unlocked Version of Mini Militia. Hope you are now Enjoying the Game. Let’s have a Look at some of the Reviews from Play Store.

Reviews About Mini Militia

Preeti Shringi says, I have no words to describe it. Miniclip has improved this game a lot. People who say that the old version was better don’t see how much they had improved. The game is far better than old version. I thing it’s good that all guns are not unlocked at the starting . I would love if the will be a option to see ads to reduce the crate time, ads to get 3 cash and some coins everyday and we can get some guaranteed cash in crates like coins. It is the thing that will make the game overall awesome.

Fouja Siraj says, Nice game but wanted more gun and buying things like reloading speed and new maps and no hacker new bombs and to make new friends with online match means if I like one player in online match see his profile and invite his as my friend and chat with friend. In next version good luck.

Gopal Popat Says, I am giving you four stars, one star not because we have only six players can play do as more players can play please fix it in the game so more players can play because we are creating game and we are more friends but only six can play so fix it 12or13 players can play.

Rajesh Kumar Maurya says, This game is very good but we get only 5 coins in one kill and on level 20-30 we get only 18 to 25 cash in which we can open only 1 elite crate and the epic gun upgrade is of 6000 coins in level 1 miniclip is very good game company but need to improve and should band hackers.

Shubhash Gupta says, It’s very fantastic 😊 game . I like this game more than pubg. Because it’s gameplay is easy . But when I start this game he says server unavailable . So please fix this problem. This game very good.